Matías Herrero is a visual artist and sculptor based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With a largely self-taught background, it would be difficult to trace a route of studies training. 

Regarding his last works, the critic says:

Portraying the country that hurts amounts to more than audacity. Because there is emptiness and rupture, deceit and helplessness, broken illusions and betrayals. How do you paint so much pain without falling into drama? It is difficult to portray the country that hurts. Matías Herrero draws the thing from the inside and appeals humor: a noble tool. With it and some extra perception that builds the environment, he develops his critical proposal.

And it really does it with impact. With impact and justice. Because without naming anyone, he names them all of our contemporary reality. And without shackles, he chains them with the image. He puts all the politicians in the blender and imprisons the arterous meat salesman in the bones. He rejoices in the face of disoriented fans and asks for daily salvation for travelers piled up in transport. And the trade unionists who devour themselves? The repertoire is vast, and Matías Herrero knows it and assumes with his agile, sharp, penetrating line. A challenge, he assumes.

J. M.Taverna Irigoyen

Member of the Academy of Fine Arts




After focussing many years in foreign trade, I made the decision to focus on what I am passionate about.

Convinced that I could not give up without even trying, I plucked up my courage and took the leap.

This web site is a sample of what I have been doings since then.